• -"Is there a registration fees for Student?"
    No, there is no registration fees. The matching is free of charge, without any hidden costs. You pay just for the lessons offered by the Music Teacher you select.
  • -"What are the different ways I can look for my teacher?"
    You can either do a quick search and enquire about the teacher you have selected or submit your request via this simple request form or SMS/ call us at (65) xxxxxxx and we will gladly assists you. It is totally free.
  • -"How long will the process take?"
    For enquiry on selected teachers, we will contact you within 2 working days. For submission via request form, we will contact you within 5 working days.
  • -"Do you screen your teachers?"
    Yes. Your teacher will present the original or certified true copies certificates on the 1st lesson for your verification. We also do random background checks on teachers’ credentials.
  • -"How does billing work?"
    To guarantee your time slot with the teacher you select, a small deposit of the first 2 lessons of your lesson fees are paid in advance to SG Music Lessons. Invoice will be provided. The fees for 3rd & 4th lesson may be paid to the teacher after the 4th lesson.

    For example:
    Assuming the fees per lesson is $40.
    To guarantee your time slot with the teacher you select, a deposit of $80 are paid in advance to SG Music Lessons
    After the 4th lesson, you pay the teacher the remaining $80 for the 3rd & 4th lesson.

    Thereafter, you pay the teacher after every 4 lessons.
  • -"What forms of payment do you accept?"
    We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express. You also have the option to do fund transfer to this account xxxxxxx We do not accept payment via cash.
  • -"By when do I need to make payment?"
    In order to reserve your time slot, we require payment at least 7 days before your first lesson takes place.
  • -"The teacher is not suitable – can I request for change?"
    Yes. If for any reason you are not satisfied with the piano teacher, you may call us for a change of teacher.

    However, we suggest that the student try the teacher for at least 4 lessons before requesting for change. This is to allow time for adjustment to the student’s learning and teacher’s teaching style.
  • -"Do I need to pay any fees?"
    No, there is no registration, additional or hidden cost. Upon a successful assignment, the fees for the first 2 lessons would be taken as administration charges from the music teacher's fees. We will collect the fees directly from the parents. The remaining 50% of the total monthly fees will be paid directly to the music teacher at the end of the 4th lesson.

    Thereafter, the music teacher is paid the full 100% of the fees.
  • -"How do I register as a Music Teacher?"
    Please register under Be a Music Teacher to join us.
  • -"What is the minimum qualification requirement for Music Teacher?"
    There are no formal requirements to sign up as a music teacher with SG Music Lessons. But in general, most Students will prefer teachers to have a grade 8 for classical instruments. We are also aware that there may be Students who value experiences and less on formal qualifications.
  • -"Do I need to bring anything for the first lesson?"
    Yes, please bring your original or certified true copies certificates on the 1st lesson for verification by the parents/student.