How It Works
  • -1. Search for your teacher
    Begin your search by using our search box to enter the musical instrument and your preferred location. A search results page with music teachers that meet your pre-selection criteria will be displayed. You can sort the results according to price or name.
    Click on the teachers name or photo to view their full profile. The informative page includes information such as the teacher’s teaching experience, availability, detailed fees per lesson.
  • -2. Shortlist your teacher
    Once you have browse through the teachers profile and identify the teacher that you would like to engage his or her service, simply just click on the “Enquire about this Teacher Now” at the end of the teacher’s profile page. This will lead you to a guided form. Upon completing the guided form, you will receive an acknowledgement email.
    We will usually get back to you within the next 24 hours upon receiving your request on the availability of your selected teacher or offer you the best alternative option.
  • -3. Agree on selected Teacher
    If you are satisfied with the offer, to guarantee your time slot with the selected teacher a payment request equivalent to 2 lessons fees will be sent to your registered email.
    Payment will have to be made to SG Music Lessons at least 7 days before your first lesson.
    The fees for 3rd & 4th lesson may be paid to the teacher after the 4th lesson.
  • -4. Confirmation of Payment
    Once payment has been received, you will receive a confirmation email detailing teacher and lessons information. You are ready for your first lesson!

    * Do take note that your lessons are confirmed only upon receiving of our confirmation email.
    Please refer to our Requirements and Policies for more information
  • -1. Create a free account
    Creating your professional SG Music Lessons profile is easy and free. To create an account, you just need to provide some simple information such as name, email and password. Once your account is created, you will receive an email to begin creating your profile page.
    This account will be used for the updating of your profile and any relevant details. You must be a registered Music Teacher in order to receive assignments from SG Music Lessons.
  • -2. Create your profile
    After you sign in, you will need to spend a little time adding content to your profile. Your profile will include information such as the musical instrument you teach, your teaching style, your accomplishments, experience, photos and video of you. Profile needs to be complete to increase probability of student booking lessons with you.

    Note: Profile not created within 7 days of account sign up will be automatically remove from our system.
  • -3. Go live!
    Once your profile is approved, it will appear in search results to potential students. You can log in to manage your account and update your profile regularly.
  • -4. Assignment
    When student make enquiry for a lesson slot with you, we will usually contact you within 24 hours regarding the assignment. If you agree to take up the assignment, an offer will be made to the student. Once the student accepts the offer, you will receive a confirmation email detailing student and lessons information.
  • -5. Payment of fees
    Our commission is low and there are no other hidden fees. Upon a successful assignment, the fees for the first 2 lessons would be paid to SG Music Lessons as commission. The remaining fees will be paid directly to you at the end of the 4th lesson by the student.

    Please review our Music Teachers Requirements & Polices for more information.